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Objective :

Enemy ships are coming to get you, stay alive for 10min when your friends will come and save you.

Controls :

W,S – Increase/Decrease acceleration
A,D – Change ship bearing
Space (toggle) – Start firing missiles/stop firing missiles
Mouse- Hover over the rail gun targeting to see their cone of fire.

Notes :

I have used temporary graphics as I always hoped I would find someone to help me redo them.

Is this game good enough for me to carry on working on?‏:

This game was developed when I was just finding my feet and trying to figure out what was fun and understand what made a game gratifying. I made little prototypes with the basic essence of an idea to try and discover what others enjoyed and learn what direction I personally wanted to go in. So contact me if you have any kind of opinion on this game to help me be better in the future.

About the Game:
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By David Strachan
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