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Design Concept for Game
Controls :

Left: A
Right: D
Attack 1: Space
Attack 2: E

Objective :

Knock enemies off the edge while staying on for as long as you can!

About :

This is the concept project for the game that became Total Smashout.

I encourage you to have a play and get on the high score board as this will help me balance the game and find game-breaking/underpowered weapons.

None of the art in this version will be used in the final game.

On some browsers the game can feel ‘choppy’ or have dropped inputs. It seems to work fine on Chrome, if you have problems tell me what browser you are on to help me fix them. Chrome seems to run everything fine.

I cant say enough there is no art in this game. It is a raw concept.

The music is just a placeholder from an old game I made.

About the Game:
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By David Strachan
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