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Sort It Out - For One Hour Game Jam
Description :

You are working in a sorting office. The parcels are all falling out of the delivery system too fast and you must sort the parcels into the correct boxes before they hit the spikes on the floor. You only get points for each parcel in the correct coloured box. You're fired when a parcel is damaged by the spikes so watch out!

Controls :

Drag and drop the parcels into the correct coloured box.

'R' or Click to restart .

About the Game:

We made this game for the 122nd One Hour Game Jam (onehourgmejam.com) on 26/08/17

Everything was drawn and programmed from scratch.

Once again we ran out of time for sound!

The theme of the jam was: “Fast”

It doesnt look like much but above was the original design documentation I made.

About the Game:
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By David Strachan and Lian Cooper
One Hour Game Jam 122
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