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Hide and Squeak - Ludum Dare 35 - Shapeshift
Objective :

Switch between a man and a mouse as you try to avoid guards and get points by whacking them in the back!

Controls :

Move: WASD or Arrow keys
Attack: Space
Shapeshift: E or Shift (hold down)

Notes :

As a mouse you move faster and can use the holes to get around, but you can only attack as a human.
The mouse holes on the edges of the map wrap you around to the one on the other side.

Featuring :

- Pathfinding
- Groovy sound effects!
- Dynamic sounds that get distorted (listen to the sounds of the footsteps)
- Rodent action.
- Sneakyness.
- High scores.
- Atleast one funky screen transition.
- Did I mention my voice?

Ludum Dare:

The theme for this competition was shapeshift.

My ratings for Ludum Dare 35: (out of 2712 Entries)

Humour: #45th (3.70/5 stars) Top 100!
Audio: #73rd (3.70/5 stars) Top 100!
Fun: #93rd (3.76/5 stars) Top 100!
Overall: #223rd (3.51/5 stars)
Mood: #226th (3.29/5 stars)
Theme: #268th (3.67/5 stars)
Graphics: #440th (3.07/5 stars)
Innovation: #448th (3.13/5 stars)
(by 74 people)

My entry on the Ludum Dare website can be found here

About the Game:
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By David Strachan
Ludum Dare 35
Ludum Dare 35
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