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One Man Spaceship - Ludum Dare 34 - Two Button Controls
Objective :

Survive the incoming waves!

Controls :

W and S or
Up and Down or
Mouse left and Mouse right or
Z and S
(It will move left and right automatically)

Weapon List:

Shield – The shields block all incoming damage for a very short period.

Front Guns – These are great all-purpose guns but only attack targets on the right side of the ship.

Rear Guns – These are great all-purpose guns but only attack targets on the left side of the ship.

Reset Cooldowns – All of the weapons have a cooldown to stop them being triggered for a while after they have been activated, this allows you to remove the cooldowns on everything else so you can use them again.

Cannon – This is a high powered shot but has very slow rate of fire.

Beam Gun – The beam does damage to everything underneath it but doesn’t move, making it great for slow moving targets and groups.

Release Missiles – The missiles slowly build up over time and the button releases all that have built up, making it great if it hasn’t been triggered for a long time.

Ludum Dare:

The theme for this game had to be that is only used 2 buttons.

My ratings for Ludum Dare 34: (out of 2870 Entries)

Humour: #36th (3.88/5 stars) Top 100!
Audio: #40th (3.93/5 stars) Top 100!
Fun: #48th (3.91/5 stars) Top 100!
Innovation: #65nd (3.96/5 stars) Top 100!
Overall: #83th (3.87/5 stars) Top 100!
Theme: #133th (4.13/5 stars)
Mood: #246th (3.33/5 stars)
Graphics: #379th (3.29/5 stars)
(by 52 people)

My entry on the Ludum Dare website can be found here

About the Game:
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By David Strachan
Ludum Dare 34
Ludum Dare 34
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