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Boss Stomp!
This is my entry for Ludum Dare 33

You play as the Aztec boss off a game. Use your two hands to crush the player!

Press up and down alternatively to swing your arms up and down. Build up momentum to squish the player.


The controls are the standard top down controls for your pleasure

W,A,S,D - Left Arm
Arrow Keys - Right Arm

Ludum Dare:

My entry on the Ludum Dare website can be found here

Android Play Store:

I thought I would put this game on the Android store as it lends itself really well to being played on a touch screen! Try it!

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Some people said in the comments about doing more damage when you hit harder, but actually you get more coins the harder you hit, this is hard to notice though.

There is actually really sophisticated AI behind the enemies predicting where the hands will go and only rolling when they are in danger and also being more accurate with their arrows the higher the level gets. However this is all unnecessary and lost on a game that is played for such a short period.

Ludum Dare:

My ratings for Ludum Dare 33: (out of 2725 Entries)

Innovation: #29th (4.06/5 stars) Top 100!
Fun: #59th (3.85/5 stars) Top 100!
Overall: #138th (3.66/5 stars)
Graphics: #202nd (3.66/5 stars)
Theme: #208th (3.79/5 stars)
Humour: #215th (3.28/5 stars)
Mood: #357th (3.14/5 stars)
Audio: #510th (2.62/5 stars)
(by 52 people)

About the Game:
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By David Strachan
Ludum Dare 33
Ludum Dare 33
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