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Don't steal my toaster!
This is my entry for Ludum Dare 32

The objective is to stop the robotic spiders steeling all your electronic equipment with your water pistol.


The controls are the standard top down controls for your pleasure

W,A,S,D - Move around
Click - Fire your water pistol
E - Build barricades

You can upgrade your water pistol and reload speed for a short period from the taps.

Video of the game making process from start to finish :

Day 1
Day 2

Ludum Dare:

My entry on the Ludum Dare website can be found here


Looking at the recordings I spent a total of 26 hours on the project including time to eat and poo.

I should have made the game harder because peoples attention spans are small and I think that would have helped the rating if the game became harder quicker. However while it would be an easy change I will not be changing anything after the final submission.

During development I toyed the idea of animating something on the main menu of the game like a drip coming off the gun. I think this would have helped people know you can play the game straight from the Ludum Dare website and may have improved the number of people rating the game.

One of the commenters mentioned collecting things as a gameplay mechanic and I think that would have helped the life span of the game.

Ludum Dare:

My ratings for Ludum Dare 32: (out of 2821 Entries)

Fun: #242nd (3.46/5 stars)
Overall: #327th (3.42/5 stars)
Theme: #382nd (3.54/5 stars)
Humour: #431st (2.94/5 stars)
Innovation: #553rd (3.11/5 stars)
Mood: #579th (2.90/5 stars)
Audio: #623rd (2.53/5 stars)
Graphics: #684th (2.84/5 stars)
(by 52 people)

About the Game:
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By David Strachan
Ludum Dare 32
Ludum Dare 32
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