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Light and Dark

WASD – Move
E – Use the brown light switches
Mouse Shoot - in that direction
Arrow Keys – Shoot in that direction
Space, shift – Shoot in the direction you are looking

Objective and how to play:

In this game you get points for collecting the blue boxes, try and collect these without the black shapes touching you. The black shapes will leave around a trail that block your view, use the brown light switches to remove this.

The arrow around your character will point you towards the next blue box


This was one of my first games that was actually playable to some degree, I find it really embarrassing to look at because the graphics are terrible and it looks like a game someone would make on day 1 of a programming course however I still find this enjoyable to play.

I would love to find someone to work with to redraw this game from scratch so I could turn it into an app and split any money made with them.

Took a previous Ludum Dare topic at random to see what I could come up with in the same 48hour timeframe and worked with that, the topic was Light & Dark and was one of their original topics.

When building this at home I designed to be played with a PlayStation style gamepad with two analogue sticks and that is the best way to enjoy it however I couldn’t get that working on a browser and many people don’t just casually have a gamepad plugged into their computer so it works just fine with the keyboard and mouse.

I have used temporary graphics as I always hoped I would find someone to help me redo them.

Is this game good enough for me to carry on working on?‏:

This game was developed when I was just finding my feet and trying to figure out what was fun and understand what made a game gratifying. I made little prototypes with the basic essence of an idea to try and discover what others enjoyed and learn what direction I personally wanted to go in. So contact me if you have any kind of opinion on this game to help me be better in the future.

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