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Anatomy Attack
Objective :

Clear out rooms of diseases invading a body and grow a stronger army of ally cells to help you out.

Can you get to the 15th wave?

Controls :

WASD - Move
Arrow Keys or Mouse – Shoot
(also works on azerty)

Revive Tokens:

You will get a Revive Token every time you clear a room of enemies. These tokens can be spent to bring your team back to life. They stay with you when you die and are even automatically saved when you close your browser.

Enemy Pathogens:

Each enemy comes in 3 colours each with different stats and difficulties.

  • Standard Enemy – All around stats, these enemies shouldn’t give you any problems.
  • Multishooter – These spawn lots of slow moving shots that fade out, don’t get close to these, stay out of the area their shots can move to.
  • Bombers – These enemies move fast and path find to you, trigger them to blow up when you know you can hide behind walls from their blast.
  • Poisoners – These pathogens have shots that leave poison. Make sure to keep your ally cells out of the damage area
  • Fast Movers – These enemies move very fast and do lots of damage, however they can only shoot when they are very close to you, use this to your advantage.
  • Cloners – These will split themselves to create more enemies, focuses these down to kill them faster.
  • White – Standard cell with good all-around stats.
  • Green Healer – Every few seconds heals you and every ally on your team. Can still shoot but has low health.
  • Orange Defender – Has high HP and low fire rate, this cell does as much damage as the white cell but doesn’t shoot as often, a good tactic is to hide behind it because you can shoot through it and it has lots of health.
  • Purple AoE – This cell does a small amount of damage to every enemy near it. These cells don’t follow you like normal cells so they can easily get killed by the enemy, but they do best when surrounded by enemy pathogens.
  • Spotty Shooter – This cell spawns lots of shots that go and seek out enemies to kill. This is good at killing enemies that stay still and far away from the player cell, but isn’t good when the enemy pathogens move fast.
A Game A Week:

Me and Dex are trying to make a game every 2 weeks, this is the third game in this series.

Watch the development of the game here :
About the Game:
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By David Strachan and Dex Cimino
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